About Us

Feat of Clay offers art jewelry, gifts, and collectibles that are created by hand, one piece at a time

Julie Johnson is the artist, and she works exclusively in the medium of polymer clay. The amazing versatility of this material allows Julie to create her own colors, develop her own shapes, and utilize a vast and always-expanding array of design techniques.

Our jewelry collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches, bolos, and pins. Gifts and collectibles include wine bottle stoppers, desk accessories, kaleidoscopes, decorative wish boxes, and various sculptural animal forms. Every item we make, from the smallest pair of earrings to the largest and most elaborate sculpture, is 100% unique - you can be absolutely certain that no one else will have your one-of-a-kind piece of art!

Our work can be found in shops, galleries, and juried art shows in Minnesota, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

Julie began working with polymer clay in 2001, and her first year was essentially experimental and self-taught. She quickly learned to appreciate the complexities and challenges of the medium, because of the limitless possibilities those challenges created. Her flair for design combined with her love of color is executed in one-of-a-kind works of art. While she primarily creates jewelry, she also specializes in collectible kaleidoscopes, desk accessories, wine bottle stoppers, and sculptural items.

Julie continues to discover herself through personal exploration and experimentation, research, active membership in local and international polymer clay guilds, and by taking classes from recognized masters in the medium. She has made polymer clay her full-time occupation for fifteen years.  Feat of Clay was established in 2002.

Artistic passion with polymer clay

Julie tried to repress her love of art throughout her two-decade career as a Human Resource Executive in Corporate America. That all changed in 2001, when in a matter of weeks she fell victim to a corporate downsizing and was diagnosed with breast cancer. The downsizing freed up her time; the diagnosis motivated her to focus on the important things in life – namely, her dormant love of artistic endeavors. She discovered polymer clay while undergoing chemotherapy and it quickly became a therapeutic focus and a passion.

 Julie’s husband Phil never saw himself as an artist – indeed, his passion was always business. After a very successful 40-year career in banking, he turned to small business consulting and even wrote a book on financial management for families. Appropriately, Phil is solely responsible for Feat of Clay’s marketing, finance, and operations.  As the business has grown, so has Phil’s artistic passion. He started small: handling important artistry assignments like sanding, buffing, and assembly. But in recent years, he has become a true artist, providing creative direction and even dabbling in design.