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I create my art from polymer clay.  I create my own designs & blend my own custom colors. I use a wide variety of techniques (e.g., mokume gane, caning, silk screening, digital image transfer) to make jewelry, kaleidoscopes & other gifts/collectibles.  I don’t replicate or mass produce my work. My work is colorful, sophisticated & completely unique. It is signed (whenever possible) ensuring that each piece is handcrafted. When designing my jewelry, I first create the focal piece(s) from polymer clay then strive to finish it with complementary stones & findings. I don’t buy beads & then string them. My kaleidoscopes are a piece of art to be displayed on your mantel or coffee table, but they also provide fantastic kaleidoscopic images by simply peering thru the eyepiece. I love to create custom kaleidoscopes - just let me know your interest. My sculptures range from a 9” tall imaginary llama to sea turtles to small trinket bowls & boxes. My desk accessories, wine bottle stoppers and other creations remind you of the potential beauty in the mundane.

Are you looking for a unique, handcrafted gift for someone special?  Not sure what to buy - What size?  What color?  What style?  Consider buying a Feat of Clay gift voucher and let your gift recipient choose their own custom-made gift. One last thing - check back often, we are adding new pieces weekly!  Like us on facebook! Also check our retail locations page.

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